Account Management Team Helps You Provide Better Client Service


Whether you’re a new broker just getting into the health insurance field, or you’ve been at it for a while, you can expect a lot of questions from your prospects and clients. As you gain experience, it may be easier for you to answer these inquiries, but when you’re new, you may not be sure where to turn to for answers. (Even the most experienced brokers can use a little help now and then.)

One of the many value-added extras Word & Brown offers to its brokers is support from our Account Management Team. They are available to assist you in all aspects of your service to prospective and current clients. They are your one-stop resource for answers to any service-related questions and issues.

You can reach out to the Account Management Team on a wide range of topics:


General Questions

Get answers to your group, plan, and coverage queries. That includes questions about a group’s current or potential health insurance plan, the specifics about what’s covered (and what is not), effective dates, and much more.


Quoting and Enrollment

We have your back when it comes to questions on quoting using our industry-leading WBQuote software, the benefits of EaseCentral online enrollment, integration of quoting and enrollment (to eliminate any re-entry of info and to speed up your cases), or HRWow human resources support for your clients. Our Account Management team is here to make things easier – from quote to enrollment, service, and renewal 12 months later.


Searches & Requests

Ensure your clients get access to the health plans, prescription drugs, and coverage they need and want. We will research what doctors, hospitals, and prescription drugs are covered by each of the plans your clients are considering.



Rely on our team of experts for answers to questions on health care reform, changing compliance rules, and how new regulations might affect your prospects’ and clients’ businesses in the future.



Get answers to all of your – and your current or future clients’ – questions on billing, claims, and much more. (That includes any commission-related questions you may have.)


Group Changes

If you don’t know, you’ll soon learn groups often need to make changes throughout the year. That can include employee additions and deletions as well as other modifications. Whatever changes you need to make for your clients, you can depend on the Account Management Team to be here to assist you.


Our dedicated professionals will work with you to reduce the runaround and the number of calls you have to make – or the number of emails you have to send – in search of the answer to each of your questions.

Want to know more about how the Account Management team can help you? Partner with us.


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